Furniture is meant to decorate the interior, for functional house and comfortable living.
For over 15 years we have been manufacturing not just ergonomic wardrobes and best walk-in closets but style and comfort in your home.

D.O.M. Production Company began its work in 2004, after the foundation of the Alfa-Comfort Company specializing in make to order manufacturing of middle-class furniture.

The company was successful, dynamically developing and updating production facilities, and over time established itself as a reliable and experienced manufacturer.

Having overcome the crisis of 2008, the company continued its development. In 2012, D.O.M. Production Company opened the exclusive brand showroom of the German company Raumplus in Chelyabinsk and became its official partner.

Today D.O.M. is a full-cycle enterprise doing a turnkey work from furniture design to delivery and assembly of products in the customer’s apartment.

D.O.M. is the only
brand showroom in
Chelyabinsk region


Raumplus products have gained their popularity due to the consistently high and perfect quality, stylish, always fresh design, reliability and ease of use.

It would be safe to say that today the Raumplus profile and the Raumplus sliding systems are the most technologically advanced, strong and durable.

All the technical specifications (maximum load on the rollers, durability, number of complete cycles of opening / closing of doors and others) have passed numerous tests.

Absolutely all profiles and fittings are manufactured in Germany at the production facilities of Raumplus International GmbH.

Built-in furniture and sliding door wardrobes manufactured by Raumplus are considered to be the standard of quality and prestige in the world of interior design and furniture.


German entrepreneur Jürgen Guddas founds a furniture components and materials company with a focus on perfect quality and the highest level of service
Development of export to other countries
Raumplus starts product deliveries to Russia
Opening of an official representative office in Russia
D.O.M. opens the first and the only Raumplus brand showroom in Chelyabinsk and becomes an authorized partner of Raumplus in Chelyabinsk
Raumplus is represented in 60 countries of the world due to the high level of service, wide assortment and perfect quality of products.


We strive to achieve such quality of products that our customers would recommend us to their friends.
When working with clients we adhere to the following principles:
We are open to our clients – we are always ready for an open communication, consultations and further cooperation.
We are loyal to our clients: the company shall rectify mistakes made when working with clients.
We are honest with our clients – if the company is unable to fulfill its obligations to the client we must honestly admit that and offer the client an acceptable solution. We only provide the customers with true information on our company, its successes and capabilities.
We strive to provide only quality services. We take on only those tasks that can be completed on time with the required quality.
The D.O.M. team is working together to manufacture your furniture that meets the highest standards and the most strict requirements.

We seek to maintain high standards of product design, assembly and installation, as well of customer service. Therefore, we, the staff of D.O.M., have strong views on the quality of our products.

Our consultant designers will help turn the difficult process of choosing and ordering furniture into an exciting and creative task.

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